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Mahmood Saeed perfumes and cosmetics is a well known brand in Kuwait as well as in all the Gulf Countries.We are committed to participate significantly in providing high quality affordable & premium products in the fields of perfumes, cosmetics and self care that exceed the customer’s satisfaction and expectations.
Leadership, Collaboration, Integrity, Passion, Accountability, Diversity, and Quality are what define Mahmoud Saeed’s values.



Our Team

Our Vision and Our goal is to develop Mahmoud Saeed Group to reach a prestigious position by continuing to serve our customers with distinction, through the achievement of international standards in quality management and continuous development. One of the most valuable assets of Mahmoud Saeed Group is its employees, because our employees enjoy integrity and pride in serving our customers, which is translated through the recognition and testimony of our customers to earn their trust and loyalty.


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We follow the procedures for protection and prevention authorized by the Ministry of Health from the risks of infectious diseases, especially Covid 19

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We strive to satisfy you, so our store brings you these trustworthy brands that give you peace of mind when purchasing.

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